New collection, new rules, new look

‘Did she redo the site again?

Yesh she did. I hope it is a bit more accessible right now. Also, I’m writing news here on the front page (yay news). I’m not done yet. Because of the new layout, a widget with important info fell off… but you can find that here.

Almost everything is right here right now. You can flip through the site and enjoy the pretty pictures. Blog is back. Patreon wasn’t doing much. I am making a new patreon about natural dye, but I’ll show you when it is filled up a bit.

New: Privacy statement
Because of the new EU rules I had to make this more elaborate. This also means I will double check my website for privacy holes. Check it out here.

New: Ivory and blue
Some have already seen the start of it, now it’s available on the Etsy shop.

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