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New in the Etsy Shop: Handwoven belts
I’ve been weaving some straps and belts out of cotton and I’ve put them in the shop. If you’d like different colour or sizes, you can request a custom belt. The patterns were/are widely used in Europe and Russia.

Shipping costs have changed at PostNL over 6 months ago, now I had to adjust mine as well. I did make 3 different rates to be as lucrative for you as I can be:

1. small box insured up to 50 euros
2. normal box insured up to 100 euros
3. normal box insured up to 500 euros

For rates 2 and 3 I pay 5 euros myself. Domestic shipping still has a set rate for all shipping. Check for rates in the Etsy shop.

Small Note: Etsy is upping it’s fee’s and I might have to up my shipping if they go through with it.

The Storenvy shop is now open. This due to the increasing fees on Etsy and the hesitating US buyers. Low shipping and same pricing as Etsy… Without conversion rate extra payments.

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