Etsy refill | Patreon | Time out | Imaginarium

Etsy refill

The German event stock is back, checked and back in the Etsy shop. Some items were so new, They didn’t have product photo’s yet. They will follow shortly.

Patreon Update

We were looking for a new place to life and work, but some things have changed. Read it on Patreon.

Time out

I’m having a small time out between august 17 and 22. All ready made orders from the Etsy shop will be shipped on 23 and 24 of august. I will still be able to read mail and check social media, but I’m trying to keep that to a minimum.

Imaginarium Festival

I was going to see the Giants of Royal de Luxe, but the expected crowd made me decide otherwise. Since I’m in the neighbourhood, you can find me and Remco on Imaginarium Festival. Don’t be shy to say hi!

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