Shipping during the Holiday Season

It’s that time again. There are more online orders and more parcels shipped up and down the world and we need to keep in mind that there will be delays. The normal shipping times of PostNL might be more accurate if you add 1-2 workdays. They will be busy, we will be busy, the weather will be busy and you will be busy. Check the PostNL website for more info.

All I can say is: Order on time!

Linen Threads

The organic linen threads for sewing, weaving and embroidery are online on this website and on etsy.

Dutch Comic Con

I did go to the DCC, but I wasn’t in costume. There were some unexpected bumps in the road, but We’ll save the costumes for later. Barbwire and Roses and I are looking into a solution for the logistics of my items in her stall. I’ll probably sew a collection for her, which I will restock when depleted.