2019 plans

In 2019 I’ll finally be moving to Schiedam (yay). I’ll have a new studio to work in and I love it! It’s a little wooden house on a garden plot with running water and solar panels for electricity. When you sit down, you don’t hear any people, just a lot of birds chirping away and the wind through the leaves.

There is also the forced decision making in what I’ll do next, because I will have limited power (especially the first year or so) and limited space (I can’t use my whole house as a studio any more).

I’m keeping Re-enactment / Living history for Grecian, Roman, Viking and Medieval age. This is bringing me a lot of joy and inspiration. I’ll still be making LARP-kit and Fantasy related items, as long as they cling into my Historical designs. I’m dropping modern and futuristic COSplay. Armour/prop making in thermoplastics don’t have a place in my new studio. I might make some in the future, but not for clients. Also corsetry is a hard pass. Most of you know that I’m clearing al my synthetic materials. So I can make a COSplay shirt for a medieval setting, but it won’t be a cheap polyester one.

My new studio also has enough land to grow my own dye and herbs. My fiancée will be growing veggies and fruits and will be diving into the world of Viking and medieval cooking. It will be our little creative sanctuary.

We are still in the process of cleaning up and checking what already grows there. We are making floor and garden plans. We are excited. I will keep you informed on the progress. Winter is upon us, so there won’t be much going on. It is even hard to reach if the weather is bad.

This will not be my visiting address. It doesn’t even have an address. It will probably be more in Schiedam centre or a temp space near Rotterdam (depending on the project I’ll be working on with you). For now I’m still in Assendelft.

If you are interested in my stocksale, you can check them here:
This is a Dutch site, but if you are interested and live abroad, you can always contact me. I will be adding more items in the next months.

The website will be changed a bit to my new set direction. So if you see a broken link, let me know and I’ll fix it. I’m working on getting the important pages in Dutch (privacy, term etc).