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Just before the pandemic I was making a new webshop in Shopify. I was at that point many etsy sellers were where they feel like the cost of etsy is just not adding up to the sales it makes. They were also forcing marketing tools upon us that cost more and more and I was pretty much done. I saw half my profit vaporize one month. I started turning all advertisement via etsy off. The cost was silly high.

While I was figuring out Shopify (you can de that for free for 2 weeks), the Pandemic hit. My free trial ended and I had to decide if I wanted to pay for Shopify, keep on struggling on Etsy or look further.

I did have this website and never really looked into building my own webshop. I did it in the past and it was so much work. But things have changed. The set up is easier and the options are better. I was already paying for my domain. I could leave the etsy fee out in my items and start reselling other items again. Now there is just the rule that I can’t make a different pricing on the same product on different websites. That’s why the shipping rates are better here (I have higher shipping and handling on Etsy) and the combination sales are only on the webshop.

I’m still adding my etsy items in the webhop. I also redesigned my logo and I’m re-editing the pictures. It’s al a lot of work, but I see the traffic exceeding my etsy shop and that is good.

A small tip for all the etsy buyers out there: Etsy indeed does a lot for the sellers, but the fees are getting higher. The sellers don’t have as much input on changes as they used to have. It’s a company now run by shareholders and they want money the fast way, not the ‘long investment and benefit all’ way. Check if an etsy shop has a normal webshop (google their name). You will mostly see that either the pricing is better and/or the shipping is better. You can almost be sure of it that the money you pay goes to the seller, and not to someone forcing them to lower their prices and up their sales (Googling their name also filters out most Ali-express (re)sellers).

Don’t get me wrong. Etsy is a great place to start up and figure out the mad world of online selling. You’ll figure out a lot of things and laws, shipping and costumer service. But there will come a time you call quits on online selling or move on and use what you’ve learned.

Just so you know: I’m not being bitchy about pricings and shipping. I am just calculating the costs per site.

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