Temporary offer on cotton bands

For as long as my stock permits, I will be offering cotton handwoven bands for a reduced price. I’ll be making some and you can request them in your desired colour.

I have some colours left that are from an untraceable source. I would like to clear those all out before I restock it with a traceable, honest source.

Some of these woven items will appear on my social media or Etsy shop. For a custom made band, contact me via email or etsy (preferably, social media tends to slow things down).

I cannot guarantee shipping before the holidays. I weave when I can and how fast I want.


12,50 per woven meter
5,00 for braided tassels
7,50 for double D-ring fasteners (will check stock with you)
5,00 for simple small buckle on one end and braid on the other
Other customisation on request are possible

Prices for all widths till 3cm are the same

There is no VAT
This is without shipping


Available colours