Support and Social Media

Social media

Following me on social media gives you direct insight on what I’m up to.



Other Support
Patreon is an online platform which allows you to support creators by subscribing to their feed with a chosen monthly fee. The higher the fee, the more content and extras you’ll get.

At this time my Patreon page only has the 1 dollar subscription. You can always just follow me for free. It is the place to get the most updated news first. I find it to have an easy overview and I love to follow other artists on it as well.

All my paying patrons get a discount code for my Etsy shop which refreshes monthly. I might make more rewards in the future.


Buy Me a Coffee at
makes it possible to donate to an artist for the amount of a cup of coffee. This is handy for when you don’t really have the budget to buy something, but like it enough to buy me a cuppa. I’ll try to find a goal for these donations that help me get to my audience in person.