Living History and Re-enactment

I have always been into the historical design and I offer various garments in stock or on request. There is a level in how accurate it is to historical findings, in what level I used accurate techniques and materials and how much of my own interpretation as a fashion designer is in the designs. I particularly like how they used every bit of material and didn’t throw away anything.

I do extensive research for the historical designs. I mention where my inspiration is based upon and how much I think someone with my profession would alter some things. Because most of the designs require natural dyeing and sewing by hand, it can get costly for some. This is why I also offer pre-dyed and machine sewn items. The choice is all yours.

Time periods I work with

Right now I have worked on or still working on:
Ancient Rome and Greece
Viking Age (793–1066 AD)
Medieval Europe (5th to the 15th century)

I get a lot of request for Edwardian and Victorian age, but I’m not doing that on commission any more. I might start again in the future, but I’ll keep you posted.

Examples Historical Designs