Shae Dress

The Shae dress is a Grecian styled dress which gets her name from a well known tv show. This dress has been proven to be versatile and easy to wear. It is not entirely historical accurate, but does have the same principles of Ancient Greek and Roman fashion.

On this page I will try to come down to a basic pricing for a Shae dress. I make these dresses in cotton, gauze cotton and silk.

Full Shae

Basic Cotton: 110
Double gauze cotton: 125
Dupion silk: 200

full model in cotton with lace embellished belt

Basic Shae

Basic Cotton: 99
Double gauze cotton: 110
Dupion silk: 160

basic model in cotton

The fabrics for these dresses should not be to heavy. I like to use natural fibres, Most requested are plain cotton (OEKO-TEX), double gauze cotton (OEKO-TEX) and dupion silk. I have a range of other fabrics I can use, but that would be to many to mention. You can always request for another fabric.

Plain cotton
Double gauze cotton
Dupion Silk

A belt keeps the dress together. If you order only a dress, you will receive a rope to tie the waist. There is a possibility to have a belt made just for you. These are just some examples. I made so many different belts. If you saw one you like, link it in your request.

satin rope belt
Medallion belt
Lace Belt
Pentagram belt
Parted belt

In stock Shae dresses
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