The yarn

Groene Hart Wool

This wool is gathered from the Dutch Texel sheep that reside in the Green Heart of the Netherlands. This wool is perfect for weaving straps and belts. Due to its natural white colour, it is easy to dye.

Finkhof Organic Wool

This wool is thicker and softer than my usual Groene Hart wool. It had beautiful natural colours and predyed bright colours. The source is German and they harvest locally from the Coburg Fox Sheep.


Cotton is my go to if I need to keep the pricing a bit low on weaving. It comes in just about any thinkable colour and weaving easy and fast. I have a Dutch supplier and buy this local from a small yarn shop.

Organic Linen

For hand sewing and embroidery I use organic linen from Venne Colcoton Unikat. This is also a Dutch supplier. Because I buy this yarn in bulk, I resell then on markets and in my etsy shop.

(recycled) polyester

For my sewing machine I use recycled polyester, but I’m replacing it with organic cotton.