Organic Linen Thread

Below is a price list that  handle for online purchase via email. This includes VAT. This does not include shipping and handling. Stock numbers might vary, but I can refill pretty fast.

BIO linen threads (Venne-Colcoton Unikat)
Wetspun organic linen threads for sewing, weaving and embroidery
100 gram per cone

Natural / Unbleached

Nel 16/1 (+/- 1120 metre): 10 – 2 in stock

Nel 16/2  (+/- 490 metre): 11


Nel 16/1 (+/- 1120 metre): 12.50 (3 for 32.50 of the same colour)
– Wine red – 3 in stock
– Meadow green – 3 in stock
– Dark blue – 3 in stock
– Black – 3 in stock
– White – 3 in stock

Nel 16/2  (+/- 550 metre): 13.50 (3 for 35 of the same colour)
– Dotter yellow – 3 in stock

Colour chart
Mind that colours may vary due to the different settings on my camera and your screen. You can order all the colours in all thicknesses, just keep in mind it might take a bit longer if not in stock. Need another colour? Contact me! There are other colours available.


More info / FAQ

Q: My colour/thickness is not in stock. What to do?
A: If you need 3 or more cones I will order new ones right away. If you don’t, you can always send a message and I’ll put it on the order list. I’ll give you a heads up when I’ve got it in stock.

Q: What does Nel 16/1 and 16/2 mean?
A: 16 is the thread thickness per thread. The higher that number, the thinner the thread. 1 and 2 is the thread count.

Q: Can I use this in my sewing machine?
A: No.