Shipping and payment changes

Due to the new VAT regulations, I decided to make it easy upon myself and my clients. I am to small to have this dealt with automaticity and can’t really offer calculations of non EU VAT at this moment. Below is how it is right now:

  • This webshop only functions for countries inside the EU.
  • If you want to order ready made items and you are outside of the EU, you can use the Etsy shop. Etsy calculates the right VAT for you. If you don’t see what you want in the etsy shop, let me know. I’ll see if I can upload it for you.
  • If you have a custom order, you can still order by email. I will still send you an invoice, which can be paid by bank transfer. VAT will be calculated when it will be delivered (if needed).
  • I removed the PayPal/CC option in this webshop due to costs. If you want to use PayPal or a CC to order, visit the Etsy shop.

Small reminder that I am a vatfree company. The pricing does not change if you buy as a company or private person. my Etsy has a 10% mark up on my products. Those are (not even high enough to cover) the costs to use Etsy.

I still need to change some info on the site itself, so see this as a little disclaimer.

Please check at your local post office what the new VAT rules mean for you. This differs per country.


Coupon codes

Today I had some tech issues with the site. It’s all back to being secure and running, but I had to take down the coupon codes. This plugin was nagging since the beginning, so it’s not coming back. I like a clean and easy working site and I wasn’t using coupons that much anyway.

If you still have a valid coupon code, please email me if you want to order. I’ll manually calculate your discount.

I could spend more time in fixing the plugin, but I really just want to make new things for you guys 😉



I’m calling quits.

Oh, no, don’t panic. I will explain.

I’ve been trying to make a shop, with stock and with a bespoke here and there. It’s been a bit of a rat race. I’m trying to make a stock, and then I find better materials, but still have others to finish, which I don’t get to make plus there is a list of bespoke orders to work through. Simply put, without a staff to take care of the shop, the website, paperwork, social media and enquiries: I’m not gonna make it. Most important: I’m getting uninspired, stressed out and demotivated.

I’m calling quits.

I want to give a client full attention. I want to give them a time when I begin and take them along the process till the end without interruptions.

I want to make that thing that is calling me.

I want to make things for myself again. I never really get around that and I should.

I want to be motivated. I was half motivated to make my own wedding dress and in the end I didn’t.

I want… no wait… I need a cat.

The current plan

  • Getting married. Yes, this little joyous stress is within a few weeks. Let me focus on this.
  • My bespoke clients are next. I have a few and I’ll be helping them with full attention.
  • Finishing some things for myself and the pile of unfinished items.
  • Sewing stock is not that important to me right now. When I get around it, I’ll be making stock of your favourite items.
  • Getting my workshop in order. The pipes are still broken and much more work has to be done. Parts of my house look exploded and it needs to zen the F up. Husband to be agrees.
  • And then lets see from there….

So you can expect a change in how I’m going to do things. The Etsy store will stay open. It’s the least work for me. The webshop might close, but you can still avoid the Etsy fees by emailing me for an invoice if you want something. Even a message via social could be enough (yeah, I’m going there). I’m checking out Discord (server name: and Twitch. I might go online and live with my creating and I want to see how I can set up a help-line for costume-makers.

I’m moving the pictures of what I made to DeviantArt (great google range) and Patreon is active again. There will be little collections for sale sometimes, but when I bought bulk stock, I need to make room again. I still have so much cotton for the Shae dresses and there won’t be a shortage any time soon (unless there is a run on them again. It happens).

And what about stands on events? Not sure yet. Maybe if I have large stock, I might go and book a stall. But I’m not sure yet. This year I’m skipping all the events. Maybe, if safe enough, I’ll go as a visitor.

You read the whole thing! Thanks. Love ya.

all bespoke

Bespoke: Purple embroidered hood

Materials: Purple linen, Gold Faux Leather piping, Cotton and lurex embroidery in gold/yellow

Made after an example picture my client provided

The embroidery was the most work. Those are 20 celtic knots (+/- 14cm long each), all warped to fit an oval shape on a round cape. There is a bit of lurex in there to make it sparkle.

More on Bespoke Orders


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Yup. Still here.

We are well into 2021 and it is time for an update.

TL;DR : I am tired. I lost my car. My workshop cabin needs repairs. I’m selling stock materials soon. Finishing bespoke orders, not taking any new ones right now.

After a week of snow and frost, Spring seems to be taking over. This is nice. I’m not a winter loving person and the warmer days are welcome. And I’m so very tired.

Most of my followers know I have Fibromialgia. It’s the reason I started this company in the first place (make my own hours when I can, divide my own pressure etc.). I can manage the pain, the fatigue and the vague moments I have. I did quite alright when the pandemic started (it helps if you’re already working mostly online) until the end of the year. Usually I work on bespoke orders in the Spring/Summer and make stock in Autumn/Winter. Bespoke orders came late because of Corona, and I thought ‘what the hell, if I take my time, it will be alright’. I forgot how much energy winter-times takes from me. And then 2021 came. I’m ticking off my bespoke orders one by one and I’m not taking any new ones until I see I really have time for them. Right now it helps a lot if you’d buy stock items from the shop (I need space!).

My beloved car (Starlet 1996) had to go. Repairs were too much. We are looking at a new car, but this could take a while to be final. I haven’t used her a lot the last year, but after driving her for 15 years, I feel like I lost an old friend and some freedom of movement. Bright side is that I can look for a car with airco.

The freezing weather broke the water pipes in my workshop. We had a little river on the floor. No mentionable other damage, luckily, but I’ll need to fix it to have water in the workshop again (and pee, can’t pee there right now). Things are in motion, but all the energy that goes into this, is not going into creating.

Another thing is that my workshop is so full, I can’t properly play plumber right now. I have decided to go through my materials again and sell all the things I won’t use for any of my projects soon. I will keep you posted on this one.

The cabin (workshop) needs some work too. The roof needs to be patched in some places and it needs a sanding and painting. There are some other repairs. I wanted to focus on that this year, since there won’t be many festivals or events. We are going to need help with this and selling the material stock should help a bit with that. Every improvement makes my work there a lot easier.

That’s it for now. Taking it easy the next few days.