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Autumn is here

Already far in September and it seems the really hot days are behind us. The world turns into warm brown, orange and yellow and the air is sweet on harvest. Autumn is here.

Sadly, here in the Netherlands, we hit a second wave of Covid-19. We are still not in a new lockdown, but we do need to be careful. This is why I’m only going to the postal office twice a week now, unless you tell me you need it sooner (for inland delivery only, international I still can’t tell you how long it takes. For info on that, please check here).

I’m also making a batch of facemasks. I’m getting pretty tired of the one use facemasks that litter the street. I want to see pretty leafs there right now, not blue plastic. My facemasks will be washable at 60-90 degrees Celsius. I’ll make adult sizes in all natural fabrics (cotton mostly). A part of the profit will be saved up and donated to the Plastic Soup Foundation.

A Gelfling is also in the making and you can follow my process in my stories on instagram or facebook. I’ll collect all the stories in instagram for you to rewatch. I’ll try to document everything this time for maybe a tutorial on Jen. No promises. This project takes a lot of my time, so I have limited time to restock. You can always ask for a bespoke item.

If the weather and other circumstances allow it, I’ll be walking around on Heksia on Saturday (October 3). I always like to scout on an event I’m interested in selling at.

And on a last note: I am pretty tired lately. Somehow all the work I usually get over the whole year just dropped in my lap in the last month. No worries, I’ll get through it. I am very grateful things are picking up again. Just know that sometimes it can take a bit longer for me to work things out for you.


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New: Blue and Beige Shae dress in crashed cotton

This is the last of the soft and cool crashed cotton I had in stock. It is ideal for hot weather and people that hate to iron. This dress and palla can be machine washed and dries pretty quick. The fabric is a fair trade Italian cotton. It has a very lush and rich feel to it and rustles a bit when it moves.

The shoulderstraps and belt are handwoven. I made them match the embroided cotton of the palla, but contrast the dress.

Pondered a bit to keep it for myself, but for now it is up for sale. You can buy just the dress or the palla or both with a discount. When I upload it on Etsy, there will be no discount for the whole set.

I only made one of these…

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Pre-order days for Replica jewellery

From 20-07-2020 Till 30-07-2020 you can pre-order the bronze and silver replica items.

Pre-order via website
During these days all the items I had before will be back online (unless discontinued). You can order as many as you like. Once paid for, they will be on the order list and will be shipped in 1 to 2 weeks. If the item you ordered is still in stock, it will be shipped like normal orders.

Pre-order by contact
Contact me if you are looking for a specific replica that is not yet in my collection. I can go through the catalogue and show you what you might need and what it would cost. If you want that item, I will make a personal listing for you on the webshop. Once you ordered and paid for the item(s), it will be on the order list. It will take about 1 to 2 weeks to ship.

Payments must be in before 30-07-2020.
No payment means I will delete your order.
No order means you get no delivery.

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New: Green Shae dress with palla

I’ve made a new dress in the lovely green batiste fabric with white floral printing. This is the very last of this fabric and I can’t get any more. I made a total of 3 dresses from the roll I got.

This dress is a normal long Shae with white and green satin ribbon shoulder straps and a green satin belt strap. It’s also the last of this green satin I had in stock.

The palla is decorated with a vintage lace flower on all corners. I’m adding an extra belt in the green batiste with white ribbon and a replica fibula to pin it any way you like it.

I’m selling this piece as a set or in parts. You can combine the parts with other items if you want that. Buying the set will save you 10 euro and I’ll add the maw sit sit pendant.