I can’t knit, crotched or naaldbind. I think it’s a loop thing I can’t see. But I can weave and I enjoy it very much. For me weaving is a reboot of my mind. There is always a weave laying around which I can pick up when my head is processing to much. After mastering a technique, I look for applications in the shop and sell them. 


With my loom, heddle and sword I make straps and belts. From wool the historical correct versions and from cotton the more modern ones.


I’m still in the trial and error phase with this, but when I master this, I can make more variations on patterns in my straps and belts.


When you decide you want to weave bigger, but you don’t have the space or funds for a big loom, you look at options. Not a historical used device, I have to add. It does make lovely fabric. When something comes off the loom I’m content with, I will put it up for sale.