Sewing and Embroidery

Because I make a lot of historical garments, I offer to sew by hand or invisible by machine and visible by hand. I recommend the last one, because it gives you the inner strength of modern sewing, but the outer look of your desired historical look.

My machine (nick name: Stitch Bitch) is a Pfaff Select 3.2. It’s still analog. I try to avoid a digital sewing machine for as long as I can. Pfaff is known for their smoothness and their strength. Not so much for their buttonholes. Those I do by hand.

My normal hand stitching is a bit my signature. I love visible stitching in contrasting colours. For historical garments I use the correct stitch on the right place.

My embroidery is by hand. If there is a blank piece of fabric and some lovely threads available, I get an itch. Embroidery was not something that was done (much) in the viking period, but now we love the beautiful markings and figures on our reenactment items. You can request almost any kind of embroidery on your garment.


At this moment I’m phasing out my recycled polyester sewing machine threads and replace them with organic cotton. For my embroidery I use organic linen, the wool I also use for weaving and silk.