Cancellations, Returns and Refunds

I am always hoping everything is alright with the order, but it could happen that something is not. That’s why I have a step by step process for returning an order.

What can and cannot be returned?

Ready made items that have not been customized to your wishes can be returned. All alterations made to a garment make them personalized for you and cannot be returned. Bespoke items cannot be returned, for they are made to measure for you. Intimite items also cannot be returned.

How to return an item

  1. The client has to send an email within 14 days of receiving the item. For ready made the client does not have to say why, but if the delivery service messed up the parcel, we can hold them responsible for a refund. Without an email in advance, I do not accept a return. You can use the return form at the bottom of this page.
  2. Once I told you it’s alright to return, the client can ship the item within 14 days of the sent email. Sending me a track and trace helps a lot. The client is responsible for a save return of the item and shipping costs of the return.
  3. Once the item is back in my possession, it will be checked if it is in the original state. If it is broken, dirty or other wisely damaged, the client will be held accountable for the suffered damage. This is why it is important that I am informed if something is wrong.
  4. If the item is in its original state, a refund will take place of the amount of the item. A refund of the shipping costs will take place if the whole order was returned. Shipping add-ons (like rush orders) will not be refunded.

Cancelling an order

Ready made can be cancelled before I confirm the order. I confirm and ship within 1-5 days, unless I’m not in the workshop. If you asked for a customization on a ready made, it cannot be cancelled.

Bespoke can be cancelled before I give you the starting message. The starting message is when I ordered your specific materials or when I start sewing. At this point there is no cancellation possible.

If you used the 50/50 payment plan and lack to pay me the remaining 50% for delivery, then the order will stay in the workshop for 3 months (with requests for payments) and then it goes up for sale publicly. You will not get a refund, for you paid for my time, materials, storage etc. It was a made to measure order and will be hard to sell.

Abandoned packages

It sometimes happens a package is returned to me due to failing to deliver or refusing to accept. Reasons mostly are a faulty address, not willing to pay customs or just not able to deliver (not home and nobody is picking it up). They call this an abandoned package. These are returned to me (and can take months).

Once I get these packages back, I will issue a refund
– MINUS shipping costs I made (check for rates, they are higher than what I charge)
– MINUS extra costs made for shipping it back to me
– MINUS damage costs to the product

So please check your address details, know that customs are not my responsibility and check for pickup notes if the mail-man missed you.

Return Form

Now that you have read the above, you can fill out the return form if you wish to return something you have ordered via this website ( or via email. Etsy has her own return form, which you got in your mail with your order.

Please copy/paste this in an email to and fill in the blanks

First name:
Last name:
Order number or invoice number:
Date of order:
Email adress:
Item(s) to return:
Reason of return:

Last reviewed on 10 december 2022