Stock Sale

I have a workshop filled with stock and I need some space! Below you’ll find some items I’m trying to clear out. You can contact me via this website if you are interested. This is not something I can’t sell on Etsy and my new webshop is a bit on hold. There are a lot of crafting items in there to keep you busy.

Shipping rates: Note that some destinations are not available and it’s no longer possible for me to ship flat and cheap (letterbox sized). You can always check with me how much shipping would be for your parcel.

Via this website
Via Facebook
Tell me what you want and I’ll tell you what shipping could cost.

Soft cord

Width: 8mm
Purple: 25 meters
Red: 25 meters
Yellow: 12.5 meters
Price: 5 euro per 12.5 meters (won’t cut shorter)

Satin cord

The ‘wrap-your-larp-robe-together’ cord
Pink 1 (2.00m) 1 euro
Pink 2 (2.20m) 1 euro
Brown (1.70m) 1 euro
Red (1.90m) 1 euro
Green (4.50m) 2 euro
Dark grey (3.80m) 2 euro
Light grey (2.10m) 1 euro
White1 (1.20m) 1 euro
White2 (5.20m) 3 euro

Everything: 10 euro

Faux leather braided cord

0.5mm wide
6.5m long
3 euro

Faux leather paspel

very dark brown, almost black
10mm wide
+/- 20 meter
10 euro