Wool yarn

Colour-charts are temporary. My stock and my suppliers stock can change over time. Also due to different colour-baths / screen-settings, colours might be a bit different than on screen. I will double check for you if I or the supplier has enough in stock for your project.

Finkhof Wool

100% wool
Grown and made in Germany

Finkhof produces it’s own merino and natural wool from their own sheep, which they make as organic as they can. The merino is super soft and the natural colours still smell like land and sheep.

Organic Merino wool yarn (coloured)

Mottled: The yarn has a few dark specs spun into it.

Organic Natural wool yarn

These are undyed yarn.


The wool comes in thick and thin yarns. The thick ones make beautiful robust belts and the thin ones are finer in patterns and match up nicely with the Groene Hart wool.



Groene Hart Wool

100% organic wool
Grown in the Netherlands
Spun in Belgium and Germany

This wool is gathered from the Dutch Texel sheep that reside in the Green Heart of the Netherlands. This wool is perfect for weaving straps and belts. Due to its natural white colour, it is easy to dye.