MTO: Skjoldehamn Hoods

One of the most wanted basics is the Skjoldehamn hood. This model hood was found near Skjoldehamn and was believed to be worn in the late Viking period and/or early Medieval period (1050-1090 AD).


Model’s shoulder to shoulder is 50 cm
The dummy’s shoulder to shoulder is 40 cm


The small hood is more like a cowl for adults and look regular on children. Maximum head circumferance: 50cm


The regular sized hood is with the measurements of the finds.

Maximum head circumferance: 64cm

Skjoldehamn hood


The deluxe hood is poncho sized. This one covers the shoulders nicely.

Maximum head circumferance: 80cm


Some hoods I made earlier with no steady sizing, so the sizes are in the description of the product listing.


The pricing of the hoods differ per size, fabric and decoration. If you need something similar as in the shop, but in a different colour, pricing can be the same. If you are looking for something different or need a lot of decoration, please check with me via contact. Pricings may vary from this list. This is an indication, not fixed.

Plain hoods with no decoration

Linen: 30 euro
Wool: 35 euro
Wool with linen lining: 50 euro

Linen: 40 euro
Wool: 45 euro
Wool with linen lining: 60 euro

Linen: 45 euro
Wool: 55 euro
Wool with linen lining: 75 euro