Why the name Samalla?
‘Samalla’ means simultaneously in Finnish. This sums up my personality and the way I work. My workshop can be a constructively chaotic sight, and there are several projects in the making, but I know what’s going on.

How long have you been making costumes?
When my mother stored her sewing machine in the corner of my room when I was a kid, I was very much intrigued by the device. I started making outfits for my stuffed animals and dolls. This continued while I was a teenager, but then I made outfits for me and my friends for LARP. I seemed to have a touch for it, so I followed lessons at an Art Academy and Fashion Academy. It wasn’t until I had a ‘bump in the road’ that I actually started an official company in costuming (2010). In short I have been sewing for 25+ years.

What is Samalla’s goal?
I’ve been hoovering over several aspects of costume and bridal design for 5 years and made some choices in what I really want to do. My focus is on comfortable fantasy clothing with my own signature and historical clothing. I take commissions in other designs and COSplay. I’d like to keep the environment in mind with what I make, so you’ll see more and more sustainable designs and materials in my collection.

Where can I meet you or see your designs irl?
I do go to various events (personal visit and as a stand). Check the Calendar for dates.

How do I clean your items?
There should be a tag on the item when you bought it. It has washing instructions on it. If you are not familiar with the symbols, check this page about washing symbols. If you lost the tag, contact me.

Can you teach me how you do your designs? / Do you give workshops?
Sadly, I can’t. For several reasons. I’m a bad teacher. Things happen in my head and it goes through my fingers. I can’t really tell you how I do that. And I don’t have the patience to teach.

Are you hiring people?
Nope. Having more than me in the workshop makes me uneasy.

Do you take barter deals?

Do you do Rush Orders?
In slow fashion there are no rush orders. So… that’s a no.

Why is this website in English? Aren’t you Dutch?
Most of my clients are, speak or understand English. Having a bilingual website takes a lot of time to maintain. If you need a translation of the terms etc., you can always contact me.

Do you do wholesale?
Contact me.