Images on this site

This site contains copyrighted material. None of the media can be used without permission or without mentioning the source, creators, models and photographers. Be a good sharer and give the credits to the right persons. If you see something of yourself and it hasn’t been credited the right way, please contact me about it and I’ll fix it.

Images in social media

  • Progression on custom and commission will be shared on social media unless client requests otherwise.
  • No client-name will be mentioned, unless client approves otherwise (I could tag you or your page in social media).
  • Images made by Samalla can be shared if the Samalla watermarks/logo’s on those images stay intact. Always refer to Samalla.nl if you use Samalla made images.

Reactions on posts

All public reactions should stay within a norm of good behaviour. Whatever good behaviour is, is up to your common sense and my right and ability to delete bad behaviour. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Try not to force your click-baits upon others in the comments. If I think something is not right, I’ll mark you as spam.


All details discussed between Samalla and client stay between those two parties. Private details about the clients will never be discussed upon third parties. It can happen that designs are discussed with third parties to improve the design. I respect your privacy and will never hand out your details without permission to anyone else but me.