How do I work?

I’ve been trying to find a way to work smooth and efficient for a long time now and met some difficulties. I found out in 2022 why I have these. I am diagnosed with combined A(D)HD and sometimes I work fast and sometimes the paralyses kicks in. This can be confusing for my clients, so I have to put something in place to make it all work for you and my clients.


I sell premade stock in my Etsy shop. If it’s not there, it’s not in stock. I make new stock when something sells out. This way I don’t have the pressure of back orders. Best way to keep up to date on this is favorite my etsy shop and the item you want. You’ll get notified when it is back in stock.


I have limited bespoke slots and will only work at one at the time. Or else everything gets jumbled up and paralyses kicks in. You will get my phonenumber for whatsapp. It’s the lowest threshold for me to type, snapshot or film updates for you.

Special items

Sometimes I make a one of a kind item that just needed to be made. This will also appear in the Samalla Etsy shop or the SinneSpin shop.


Yeah. Hard. Via social media (insta, FB messenger) is hard to keep up for me. I don’t see those messages until days, weeks or months later. Via Etsy gets to me right away and via mail it will take a couple of days. You can also whatsapp me on my phone. That’s pretty fast too. And just so you know: I’m not ghosting you. I’m just wrapping my mind around how well I can inform you without jumbling everything up.


I have no sense of time. Nothing. Asking me how long something takes is me just guessing. I know on previous made items, but new designs. All blank. I could also text or mail you back at weird times (like 2 am, sorry bout that). Sometimes my brain turns on in hypermode and then everything gets done.

So now you know I don’t work ‘by the book’. My brains don’t work that way and you should know. I wish I could afford a PA with the ability to translate my ADHD brain to a normal brain. Keeping up social media is also too much for me, but I do like to post new things on Instagram. Sometimes I’m overposting and sometimes it is quiet.

Thank you for understanding. It took me some guts to type this on my website. I’d like to create more understanding and awareness for ADHD and let people know that we try. I’m trying out all kinds of tips and tricks to keep my mind in check. But I’m not pretending anymore.

Welcome to my chaotic mind.