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Lockdown December 2020 Update

This post will be updated when there are changes.

The Netherlands is in lockdown till at least February 9th.

In short: This means all non essential stores are closed. Public and non public places indoors and outdoors where a lot of people gather are closed. They called for as little movement as possible.

What happens over here?

  1. I’ll be going to the post office every Monday to deliver parcels. Once a week that is.

    Shipping dates:
    25 January
    1 February
    8 February
    After this I’ll know more about the Dutch lockdown
  2. Workshop is still closed for visitors. If you have a running order and want to talk face to face, we can skype.
  3. Bespoke orders were already on hold. I’m extending this till March.

Stay safe and healthy. Keep an eye on your loved ones and neighbours. We’ll get through this.



Shipping to the UK is back. Mind that rates are up and you’ll be charged import, VAT and other extra charges.

There are rules in place, but they can change. There are snippets of info, but no one knows how to handle things yet . Result is that I see that almost every courier charges something over every parcel. Especially now in the beginning. is still messed up (some links are not in right order).

I’m also sad to say that importing from the UK gives me a headache too. I don’t think I’ll be doing that with the current rules. First parcel I received was charged an extra 20 euro and it was an order from November 2020.

Etsy has set up tax collecting for orders till a certain amount.

I’ll be adjusting this post as the info comes. Last adjustment: 24/01/2021


Fibula Resell

There was a little issue on the fact that I resell replica jewellery. Which isn’t as handmade by a artisan as I want it to be. There was someone spitting on it (digitally), because he is an artisan. I can completely understand that. I don’t feel love and butterflies on factory made Viking dresses, but spitting on them (or making a public remark and killing someone’s sales) is not my game. I just don’t buy it and leave it be.

I stand by my own products and understand why there is batch made items that is cheaper. I don’t change my pricing for that. I keep doing what I do. This is my strength. I also like to make complete outfits and since I can’t forge iron or sculpt bronze, I look elsewhere for fibula’s (like leather work is something I outsource to Barbwire and Roses).

So why did I settle for a little less than absolutely handmade and non batchy fibula’s?

I have asked around in the Dutch, German and British Re-enactment community who would like to supply me (for almost 3 years now). The reactions on making for resell are not that enthusiastic. Most do it for fun and don’t want the pressure of a deadline (which are very stretchable in my case) or they don’t deliver at all (this happened). Then there is the scepticism on holding on to your stuff for it might get copied (funny if it’s a replica). These people never really took the time to see what I do.

Pera Peris delivers. They are German and make pretty good quality items. Their pricing is clear and their delivery time is fast. My mark up is the same as them (and almost any other store selling it). At least it isn’t cheap Ali stuff. If you were going for absolutely cheap and destroying the market, go Ali.

I welcome artisans that make fibula’s. Please, contact me. Tell me what you make and what’s your price. Don’t let the pricing of Pera scare you away, ask what you need to ask. Tell me what you can deliver in what time frame. It is hard enough to get by on your own in this period, but I might have the clients that you were looking for.


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In detail: knowing where something comes from

Lately I see the whole cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation discussion rise up again. It is a good thing we look at what we use from a culture and how that is viewed. And it doesn’t matter which culture and which period you take inspiration of, it needs to be done respectfully.

I myself also had some difficulty on where to draw the line of appreciation and appropriation. Once you start thinking about it, you don’t stop. After a masterclass with Lidewij Edelkort, she had a very good way of formulating it:

If you really studied the culture, it’s design, it’s purpose and it’s history and you can respectfully integrate the inspiration from it in your own design, it can only mean you appreciate it. If you blindly copy/paste it for example on a polyester cloth and sell it for peanuts, you are appropriating it.

Of course there will always be the remark of ‘you are not from that culture, so you should not touch it’. I think outsiders should watch, learn, understand and tell the story again. That is how history works. We take that what inspires us and give it to the next watcher and listener. Seeing something in another’s culture, copying it for cheaper in lesser quality and make an insane amount of money from that is not okay. You are then abusing the culture and telling a different story.

Due to all this, I thought it would be a good idea to start writing down the history, inspiration and my take on certain design I make. These are the in detail posts. There is room to correct me, if you can deliver a great resource which states something else than I did.

Also, if you find something from a designer/creator and you do not feel okay with it, check out the designer/creator to see is they have something to say about it. Maybe it has a backstory and you didn’t understand it at first. And if you can’t find that, ask them why they used some cultural elements. Don’t yell appropriation right away.

I hope you all will like the posts on the background of my designs.


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Bespoke 2020-2021

I would really like to thank all the people having faith in me this year to request a bespoke order. I can happily (and maybe sadly for some) tell you that my bespoke slots for 2020 are cramped, full and taken.

I do, however, take bespoke orders this year to finish next year. So if it doesn’t need to be done before January 2021, I can still make preparations for new bespoke orders.

This year has been weird. My schedule on bespoke has been different. I don’t think it will ever be normal again.

Remember: I can make Shea’s and Skjoldehamn hoods on request before the end of the year. And it never hurts to ask if I have time for other smaller projects.

How to request a bespoke order

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