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April Summary

White Cotton Shae

I had quite some white cotton Shae bespoke orders in April. I’m working on some stock right now.

New in the Etsy Shop

Workshop update

I’m working on a large bespoke order for a 13th century squire. This means the Skjoldehamn project is a bit sidelined.

I’ve been dyeing again. A beautiful madder pot for 200 grams of wool.

I’m also running up and down my current and my new studio a lot. It is Spring and the greens are exploding at the new studio. It is hard to keep up if I’m not there every day. The final move is now planned in Summer/Autumn.

May expectations

Very busy! I’m not taking any more large orders in May. Small orders like Shae dresses are doable, but they have a longer processing time.