Long Shae in Cotton – Blue flower print


The handmaiden dress is inspired by the Ancient Greece fashion and a hint of a popular fantasy tv-show. I use various fabrics and materials to create a new and unique design. It can be used with LARP, COSplay, weddings, Prom, Festivals and many more. The ‘Shae’ is very comfortable and easy in use and care. Due to the adjustable straps on the shoulders and belt, these dresses fit just about anyone (I’m very serious!).

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+ Dimensions
One size fits all
Dress length: +/-133cm all over

❧ Materials
The Fabric is made in the EU and is Fair Trade.
The beads are from recycled glass and wood.

Absolutely stunning blue floral print on one of the lightest and softest cottons I’ve came across with. This fabric dances on it’s own. The belt is decorated with a mix of glass, wooden and stone blue beads, holding a porcelain bead in each centre of the loop. Everything is held together with soft blue rope.