Red Tartan Bouclé Wool Short Cape with satin lining


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I’m not making any more capes in this style, unless it it a custom order.

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Lovely bright coloured tartan cape with a satin lining. The trimming is a satin duchess and goes all the way through the lining. A stainless steel metal clasp finishes this beauty off. The cape is lightweight and dances a bit when you move around.

These capes are wonderful for covering your shoulders during a special event in a little to nippy dress, complementing your look. They go very well with a Dickens, Victorian or Christmas event. Or just to stay classy at any occasion.

❀ The Bouclé tartan wool is a vintage fabric I got from an atelier that was closing down. It has been in my stash for over 10 years and it was already vintage when I bought it. You won’t find anything else as vibrant ant soft in any fabric store.
✿ The lush satin lining is from a Dutch supplier.

✰ Dimensions
Length back: 53cm
Length front: 33cm
Maximum Neck circumference: 52cm

Hand Wash cold or dry clean.