Samalla is a one woman workshop in historical clothing (antiquity to medieval European) and costuming. I strife to use only authenticate or natural materials. Samalla also resells crafting supplies and jewellery from fair trade and/or organic sources. No mass production sweatshop and polluting items here. I believe in fair pay and love for our planet.

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Due to ongoing errors and not enough time to maintain the webshop on this site, I decided to pull the plug on it. You can still shop on the Etsy shop or contact me for purchases.

The site may contain some irregularities. I’m sorry about that. I’m fixing it all as soon as I get to it.

Covid-19 precautions!

Strange times adjustments for Samalla.

We are living in a time we never really thought would happen, but here we are. A pandemic in our world asks for a few adjustments in how we trade, so here are mine:

Shipping: At this moment I can still ship out orders. If your country still has an operational postal service, you can still receive orders. Please check with your postal service on their precautions. Mind that shipping costs might be a bit different than usual. It can also take a tad bit longer to get to you.

Workshop: I can still enter my workshop. I can get to my stock and my materials. Ordering new materials is still possible if the supplier can ship. I will look at this per custom order and supplier. I cannot make appointments.

Support: You can still follow me on facebook, instagram and patreon.

Stay safe and healthy everybody! We will meet again.



Last reviewed: 10-09-2021