Samalla is a one woman workshop in historical clothing (antiquity to medieval European) and costuming. I strife to use only authenticate or natural materials. Samalla also resells crafting supplies and jewellery from fair trade and/or organic sources. No mass production sweatshop and polluting items here. I believe in fair pay and love for our planet.

Latest news

Currently I am looking for a new place to set up my workshop. The lovely cabin was a great and romantic idea, but I was hardly getting work done. Admitting this was hard. Now I’m moving on. This means I’m not taking new orders and only sell from stock on Etsy.

Samalla will change a bit. There are some possibilities no longer possible without a large garden around me. So I’m designing some new things and I’ll be undressing this site and my social media. A start over.

Stay safe all


Updated december 21 2021