Samalla is a one woman company specialized in designing and creating historical correct or influenced garments, from the period of Ancient Egypt till early medieval. This website contains some examples, the way I work and the techniques I use to create something unique for you. Sustainability is law.

Latest news

Website tinkering

I’m tinkering on the website at the moment. I’m building a new webshop. You’ll probable see some things popping up, but ordering is not yet possible (you can on Etsy!)

Covid-19 precautions!

There is a crisis upon us and we will have to take precautions as every different country is taking to their best insight.

Shipping: At this moment I can still ship out orders. If your country still has an operational postal service, you can still receive orders. Please check with your postal service on their precautions!

Workshop: I can still enter my workshop as the Netherlands is not in complete lockdown. I can get to my stock and my materials. Ordering new materials is still possible if the supplier can ship. I will look at this per custom order and supplier.

Internet: I have full internet access again. I was out for a week and couldn’t update or stay up to date as I’m used to. But I’m back and typing my fingers raw.

Events: No events till June the first. It is forbidden to hold gatherings till that date. There are online events going on:
The Festival Market (Dutch, Facebook, lighthearted, mostly Castlefest and fantasyfair related)

Everything takes a little longer and the world is a bit strange right now. Stay safe and healthy. Keep an eye out for each other. Breath.

Last reviewed: 23-03-2020