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Hand Woven

I started weaving, because I really find it soothing and I was missing good trims and belts for my historical designs. They also do very well as handfasting straps.

You can also request custom designs.

The cotton versions can be used for Ancient Roman times or for a more modern setting. The wool version fits very well in the Viking and Medieval setting.

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The woman from Dacia

Request: A servant/slave in ancient Roman times from Dacia.

Together we gathered information about what this woman could have worn. I used a gauze linen and dyed it with madder (red and orange) and birch (green). They think they might have made ‘cheap’ green from mos and algae, and this was also thought of a very toxic process, so for my and my clients health I used birch with a touch of iron.

I made a Chiton (dress), short Palla (draping scarf) and headscarf. All hand sewn with wool thread.

You might be seeing her wandering around in Archeon Museum Park.
Commissioned by Floortje Zwigtman.

Lunado Link

Request: Link inspired COSplay for over a Furry suit.

Materials: Made from green ramie embroidered wit Shetland wool. Leather bracers, bags and belt made by Barbwire and Roses.

COSplayer: Lunado Twinmoons


Gallery of Shae dresses. Find ready made in the etsy shop or request a custom made via bespoke.



Cotton and viscose Specials


Shae in Red Silk and Brocade

Request: Shae dress with screen accurate belt in warm colours. There was a lot of bouncing materials up and down before this beauty was created. It is a mesmerizing sight to see this dress in different lights.

Materials: Red dupion Silk (Fair Trade), Chinese brocade dragon silk, Worbla, twisted golden rope.

Ros Pink gown

Request: Chiffon wrap gown inspired by Ros’ gown from Game of Thornes.

Materials: pink chiffon, lace appliqués, golden beads, French galon. All handset. Worbla belt front (first time dealing with worbla).

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Ros Yellow Silk Dress

Request: COSplay dress for Ros (Game of Thrones inspired). It looks a lot like the Shae dress, but Ros is not one to wear a belt to keep it together.

Materials: Yellow silk chintz with a pink blush, embroidered cotton (OEKOTEX), soft yellow rope.