Lunado Link

Request: Link inspired COSplay for over a Furry suit.

Materials: Made from green ramie embroidered wit Shetland wool. Leather bracers, bags and belt made by Barbwire and Roses.

COSplayer: Lunado Twinmoons

Shae in Red Silk and Brocade

Request: Shae dress with screen accurate belt in warm colours. There was a lot of bouncing materials up and down before this beauty was created. It is a mesmerizing sight to see this dress in different lights.

Materials: Red dupion Silk (Fair Trade), Chinese brocade dragon silk, Worbla, twisted golden rope.

Ros Pink gown

Request: Chiffon wrap gown inspired by Ros’ gown from Game of Thornes.

Materials: pink chiffon, lace appliqués, golden beads, French galon. All handset. Worbla belt front (first time dealing with worbla).

Pinterest inspiration page

Ros Yellow Silk Dress

Request: COSplay dress for Ros (Game of Thrones inspired). It looks a lot like the Shae dress, but Ros is not one to wear a belt to keep it together.

Materials: Yellow silk chintz with a pink blush, embroidered cotton (OEKOTEX), soft yellow rope.