It’s a new year…

and I am very busy getting my things in order. Closing 2018 and making new plans for 2019. As you might have noticed, some changes appeared in the website.

  • The front page is now an easy navigation to other main pages
  • The latest news is no longer on the front page, but moved to another section. Scrolling through it on the front page was a bit too much. Especially on mobile.
  • The portfolio is in an overhaul. I’m trying to combine it with an overview of example pricing. Just to keep it nice and simple.
  • Terms have been updated to suit a webshop on this webpage.
  • There is a webshop in the making. This will contain mostly made to order items. Don’t expect a lot from it. It’s going to be very simple.
  • Big cleanup! keep an eye on my personal facebook page (you can just follow me without being my friend) for deals on fabrics and haberdashery.

That’s it for now. I’m trying to find enough time to get everything sorted and cleared. I’m a bit overwhelmed in work sometimes, but eventually it will be all alright!