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Right now there are no options to ship to the UK, since all my couriers took that option offline. They are probably determining the rates and how to handle shipping from now on.

There is a deal, but the EU hasn’t signed yet. There are rules in place, but they can change. There are snippets of info, but no one knows how to handle things yet.

Postnl made a step by step tutorial on how to deal with parcels from now on, but I can’t even do step one, because: is still messed up (some links are not in right order). I cannot find the info I need for my way of shipping to be done correctly.

I’m also sad to say that importing from the UK gives me a headache too. I don’t think I’ll be doing that with the current rules.

Etsy has set up tax collecting for orders till a certain amount.

I’ll be adjusting this post as the info comes. Last adjustment: 01/01/2021