There is no bespoke opening at this time.

Please check this page for when there is an opening (January 2022)

What is a Bespoke Order?
This is a commissioned assignment that is not ready made and for sale in the webshop or etsy shop. You need it made to measure with specific details. Or you want me to design something just for you. It can be the whole costume or parts of a costume.

When you contact me for a Bespoke order, I will work that out on your own personal page here on the website. This page will transform into an order. Here is how that goes:

  1. Send me an email with your wishes (
    Be as detailed as possible. Send me colours, pictures, textures, anything you already have. Also tell me if you have a deadline or a budget. And put my email address on your save list. It tends to get lost in the junkmail.
  2. I’ll make a page on this website for the details on your order
    This page is password protected. You do not need a login or account. This page contains (some of the) pictures you send me, drawings from me for the design, swatches of fabrics and pricing on variations.
  3. We tweak the order until it is right
    I will add and remove options until we get where we want to be. Just keep in mind that the pricing on the variations do not stay the same forever. On the bottom of your page there is a date that tells you till when the calculation is valid.
  4. I will make an invoice of the total and email this to you
    Payment goes by bank transfer. Once the order is paid for, you will have 2 weeks to reconsider. I will not start or order any missing materials until then. Once the 2 weeks are up, orders go out and I’ll start. The sooner you pay, the sooner I start and the sooner I finish. Also once paid for, the order is fixed. Any changes now will cost extra.
  5. I will make a measurements form if needed
    You can measure yourself with the instructions or we could set up a skype meeting if you’d like my help (from a distance).
  6. Progress of the order can be followed on the page
    I will tell on the page when something is in stock or ordered and on its way. I will also post progress pictures. I will send you an email, if there is a big progress posted, so you don’t need to F5 the page all the time 😉
  7. Last check
    When I’m done, I’ll take some detailed pictures for you to give it a last check. I can still make changes, but realize that changes cost time and money.
  8. I will ship the order (when fully paid for)
    Tracked and traced the order will come your way. For now I do not have a pickup point.
  9. Once finished, your page disappears
    There will be footage on Deviant Art, Patreon and social media. Any picture with my watermark I took, you can splurt all over the internet. Any without are probably progress pics I just wanted to share with you. If they show up on my social media, you can share. Always credit!
    If you are making pictures of it I can use on my website and social media, please send them to me and let me know who I can credit for it.


I came here via an etsy custom request
Now it is up to you if you want to order via this website or continue on Etsy. Etsy takes quite a percentage, which I have to calculate in your total pricing.

Can I pay in terms?
If the order total is more then 300 euro, you can pay in terms. We can discuss the amount and length. I will start working on your order when 2/3 of the order is paid for. Your due date will stay unknown till then.

Can I pay another way than bank transfer?
Yes. I could make a listing on the webshop for iDeal, Giropay and Sofort. You will have to request this beforehand.

What is a drafting fee and why do I have to pay this first?
This is for my time for drafting a custom order. Normally this is included in the total price and if you had to pay this, you don’t have to on the order. It could be a big order to draft and I like to get paid a bit for that work. This also prevents ghosting clients. Drafting fees are non refundable.

Where did my page go?
It could be that I took your page offline, because you did not contact me in a very long time and the date till which the pricing was valid has passed. If you still want to order, contact me again. I’ll recalculate for the drafting fee. If you already paid for a drafting fee, then that one expired and is non refundable.

Can I visit the workshop?
Not for now. There are too many factors (Corona, work in progress at the workshop cabin) that make this impossible. I will still be doing everything from a distance until further notice.

How do I know you have an opening?
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Privacy, terms and copyright

The page is password protected, so only you and I can check it. Also do not give the link and password to others or share info and pictures with others, since what we put there can be copyrighted or private. If I’m creating for a group, then just give the link and password to the group, no one else.

The only personal data seen there is your first name. Sizes is something I don’t put there. I keep those to myself.

Once you contacted me and we are talking about your order, you will see many links towards my terms of service and privacy statement. Please read those, because once you are here, you have agreed to them.