I use PostNL for my parcels. You will receive a shipping notice with a track and trace number as soon as I ship your order (domestic and international). It should arrive timely, but you can check with me if the order has not been received within 2 weeks. Since I’m at my workshop every Tuesday and Thursday, those are the days I can ship. If you order on a Thursday at 4 pm, I can ship no sooner then the next Tuesday.


People ask me all the time what the ETA of a parcel will be. I always send them what PostNL tells me and note that it is an indication, not a promise. I cannot make promises for a job I do not supervise or do myself. I’ve learned that as soon as you and your client are dependable on a third party, you shouldn’t make a promise. So I don’t.

Reasons of delay

Shipping parcels, domestic or international, can be a fickle sometimes. PostNL gives indication of workdays when they expect to deliver. Excuses (and sometimes valid reasons) to be late can be human caused delays (strike, war, accident, pandemic and so on) and natural caused delays (bad weather, dinosaur attack, kitten rescue and so on). I do not have the power to stop a strike from my workshop in the UK for example, just to have my parcel delivered.

Another thing is customs. Not only can they charge you for importing goods (please check yourself if they do, I’m not responsible for this), they can sit on your parcel for weeks. They are specialized in ruining Christmas, Comic Cons and Birthdays. They have the right to do so and your parcel is in limbo for a while. I have no authority in limbo, no matter what everybody says about me.

When is it lost?

A parcel is considered as lost at 30 days (domestic) or 6 weeks (international). This is when we file a report on a missing parcel. Postnl will search for the parcel (this can take a few months) and if they don’t find it, I’ll get the shipping costs back (and parcel value if it was insured). This is why I will ask you to wait to ask for refunds right away or poke etsy for a refund. As long as I don’t get the refund from PostNL, I can’t pay you back. There might be a chance they find it and deliver. Insured parcels tend not to get lost often.

Abandoned packages

It sometimes happens a package is returned to me due to failing to deliver or refusing to accept. Reasons mostly are a faulty address, not willing to pay customs or just not able to deliver (not home and nobody is picking it up). They call this an abandoned package. These are returned to me (and can take months).

Once I get these packages back, I will issue a refund
– MINUS shipping costs I made (check for rates)
– MINUS extra costs made for shipping it back to me
– MINUS damage costs to the product

So please check your address details, know that customs are not my responsibility and check for pickup notes if the mail-man missed you.

Lost parcel: Who’s fault is it anyway?

I wrote this, because by law the sender/seller is responsible for getting the order to a receiver/buyer. There is a third party involved (the deliverer), that has a whole net of clauses that doesn’t give one solid promise on actually delivering from sender to receiver. This is why I never make promisses. With Postnl it thankfully doesn’t go wrong that often. It is still the best option for me for shipping from The Netherlands.

I know many won’t read this, but at least I wrote it down for you to read and understand. It might seem like much, but it’s all very simple and most of the time everything goes very well.

Other shipping options

There are other options like next day delivery international, other shipping companies etc. I’m not doing this. Experience has told me, that PostNL standard and insured shipping works as the most steady shipping option. Next day delivery makes us all dependant on yet another party, which has failed me in the past. Other companies might seem cheaper, but have lesser service. Shipping costs time and money to be constant. Please notice that wherever you order. Shipping is never free, someone is paying for it. Might as well be honest about that.

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