What does Samalla do?

This is a one woman workshop in historical clothing (antiquity to medieval European) and costuming. I strife to use only authentic or natural materials. Samalla also resells crafting supplies and jewellery from fair trade and/or organic sources. No mass production sweatshop and polluting items here. I believe in fair pay and love for our planet.

Who is Samalla?

The serious passion for handwork started at the early age of six, when my mother thought it was a good idea to store her sewing machine in my room. I’ve always made tiny clothes for my stuffed toys and dolls, but when I was in high school, there wasn’t much support for this kind of craft. Being creative, I tried the Art Academy and later, more in my discipline, the Fashion Academy. Floating between art and fashion, I didn’t really fit in anywhere. I started my own business officially in 2010, after not being happy in non-creative jobs.

My love for historical garment started early. I have done quite a lot of LARP and was more interested in the garments on the pictures of my history books. I have dived in medieval, Grecian, fantasy, corsets, hoopskirts and Vikings. I did a fair amount of COSplay items. With age comes wisdom and now I really like to sort out if something was actually found, written about or drawn up as historical clothing. I like to work with the actual materials used, but I don’t mind adding a bit of fantasy to the designs I make.

I don’t LARP any more and I’m leaning towards re-enactment. I’m also very keen on sustainability in my work and private. I’m also very keen on my health, so I am a seasonal worker. Most of the work is done in the warmer and lighter days, while I do easy work in the shorter and colder days.

Why Samalla?

Samalla is a Finnish word for simultaneous. This sums up my personality and my work. I’m always doing too many things at the same time. 

Short résumé

A short summary of my past learnings that helped me along the way besides the work I have done for just individuals.


Stay up to date

You can follow me on social media via Facebook and Instagram. I do advise you to contact me on email or Etsy. The messaging system of social media is a bit wonky.

You can find a large overview of my work on Deviant Art. I update that page a lot with new and old work. Just this website doesn’t have enough space for all the pictures and stories.

I use Patreon on my newer projects. I write little blogs about my research and you can follow me along a project.