What I do

Samalla is a small costume workshop with historical and fantasy influences. This overlaps Re-enactment, LARP, Renfaire, COSplay and Theatre. I have been wondering if I should pick a direction and try to stick with that, but I love doing it all way to much to drop something. I work from the comfort of my own home. Half my house is dedicated to my company. I always invest in better tools and materials. My goal is to be able to tell you the story from fibre to garment where it came from and how it is made. Being sustainable is a rule in this company.

Historical designs can be used for Re-enactment, Theatre, LARP, Renfaire or a themed event. With these designs I try to figure out the actual look and feel. I go out to musea, readings, read books and turn the internet inside out to fix colours and materials.  Remember: We weren’t there so we can only get as close as we can to the true shapes and colours of the past. Read More…

Fantasy designs are mostly made up, but with influences from history, television and art. All jumbled together they can become beautiful and mesmerizing. They can be used in LARP, Renfaire, fantasy events and theatre.

Check out the portfolio for examples of my work.

You can find my previous creative education and jobs in my short résumé