The person

I’m Liza. I did a lot before I got here in my 40+ years on this planet. I did the usual thing of growing up, going to school and wonder what I should become. Always liked to make little clothes from the leftover scraps of fabric from my mums projects. I grew up near a museum that had a few Fong-Leng pieces. And a painting I love dearly from Pyke Koch (or one version of it, for he made a few).

I enrolled into the Gerrit Rietveld Academy (arts) and later the AMFI (fashion and design). Struggling to play nice with others, since I wanted to renew and not be moulded into the working bees the fast fashion industry needed. I did learn a lot, but fast fashion was not for me.

Right now I am a queer, heathen, crazy hippie. I’m a strong believer and fighter for equal rights on every level. I accept everybody the way they are. I spit rainbows and don’t tolerate racism, bigotry, bullying, oppression etc.

People sometimes ask me why I’m not working in productions. Well, I don’t do this for the fame. I do this for it is my passion and I like to satisfy individuals. Working for productions is less glamorous and fulfilling as you might imagine.

The workshop

I took a detour through other jobs to start my business Samalla. It has been a custom bridal shop, a costume and props workshop, a period fashion atelier and now I’m just focussing on historical tailoring. The changes have been moving towards more ethical ways of creating.

I moved in 2020 and 2022. I had to redefine what I do and make some though choices. I do not have the same space any more or the same mindset. I decided to move back to being a designer, instead of being a replicant. I want to use the way of material use into modern or timeless designs.

I have a workshop in Vlaardingen (NL) right now, but that will end in July 2023. Not sure where I will end up after that.

Why Samalla?

Samalla is a Finnish word for simultaneous. This sums up my personality and my work. I’m always doing too many things at the same time. 

And what about Sinnespin?

Sinnespin is Frisian for Sun-Spider. That is my logo since 2020 and also sums up who I am and what I do. I’m a known lover of the sun and the spider spins and weaves her way through the day.

A bit of my latest work

Short résumé

A short summary of my past learnings that helped me along the way besides the work I have done for just individuals.



Stay up to date

You can follow me on social media via Facebook and Instagram. I do advise you to contact me on email or Etsy. The messaging system of social media is a bit wonky.

You can find a large overview of my work on Deviant Art. I update that page a lot with new and old work. Just this website doesn’t have enough space for all the pictures and stories.