Terms of service

When you request something made by Samalla, you also agree upon these terms of service. I link these in every email you’ll get from me and I’ll make sure you can easily read them over and over. If you do not agree, don’t request something made by me.

1. Requesting through etsy/webshop or email
Most orders and bespoke orders go through Etsy (samallanl.etsy.com) or the samalla.nl webshop but we can handle the order via email (info@samalla.nl). Please be as specific as you can be. We’ll bounce emails up and down until we both agree upon the design.

2. Time frame
I will give the client a time frame for when I could start and finish the order. It really depends on various things when I could finish an order. If the client agrees upon the time frame, I’ll start calculating the pricing. Note that time frames given can change if the client does not reply and/or pay. The dates I give is when I ship, not when it arrives.

Sometimes a Waiting List is in order. This means we can discuss a bespoke order, but I probably can’t finish it this year, unless other bespoke orders are finished faster than planned.

3. Pricing and Payment
All pricing I give the client are in euros without shipping and handling. Payment proceeds in euros via bank transfer. Note that Etsy has more payment options available and shows you the most current exchange rate.

Client can choose a payment plan of 50-50. This means the client can pay 50% so I can start making the custom and 50% plus postage to have it delivered. This is only acceptable for bespoke orders above €200 and not for ready made.

First pay is first serve. Clients that have paid are next in line. If you wait to long, your spot might get taken.

4. Updates
I try to keep my clients posted on progress. Progress pictures will also be shown on social media (without the client’s name), unless requested otherwise (for bridal commissions per example). Any change request from the client’s side will add +€25 and additional materials cost. This could also cause a delay in the time frame.

I will also inform the client when I have a delay due to either personal reasons (illness etc) or third party delays (suppliers etc).

5. Shipping
Shipping proceeds via PostNL (www.postnl.nl). Their regulation on shipping applies. All items shipped are insured and are signed for. Client will get a track & trace if possible.

Clients are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. I’m not responsible for delays due to customs.

6. Returns and refunds
Shipping costs for returning the item are for the clients. Clients are also responsible for correct returns. If the item is not received in original state, refunds will be denied. Bespoke items cannot be returned. Please check the elaborate info on returns and refunds.

7. Privacy policy
I will handle your data as stated in my privacy statement.

Last reviewed on 22 january 2019