What’s going on right now?


I’ll be leaving the workshop in Vlaardingen in July 2023. Sooner if I find someone that can take over. If you are interested in a 30m2 workshop in a great building (OOAKCompany), let me know! I’m leaving, because the the travel up and down from my current home to the workshop is to long.

Bespoke orders

I closed the bespoke order list for now. I’m finishing what I took and that’s it for now. I need to reset and clear some materials I have in stock. You can, however, ask for a bespoke with the materials I have in stock. So ask away, and I’ll show you what I have.

Walk in days

I’m really trying to have a walk in day every month till I leave the workshop. You can buy just about anything you see or talk to me about my work.